AvatarI am a Ph.D. Student at the Technical University of Denmark – DTU. I hold an MSc in Geoinformatics (2012-2014) and a Diploma in Rural and Surveying Engineering (2007-2012), both from NTUA. Between November 2013 and May 2014, I was a research engineer within the Future Urban Mobility group at the Singapore-MIT Alliance, an external lab of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  I was involved in the off-line and on-line calibration of DynaMIT (Dynamic Network Assignment for the Management of Information to Travelers). In 2015 I was a member of a research team at NTUA that focused on the management of large-scale parking facilities and depots (for either passenger vehicles or commercial fleets) under constraints including (i) near-capacity demand (ii) temporally concentrated arrivals/departures and (iii) need for emergency evacuation. More details could be found on EMPARCO‘s website. I am an author of papers in international peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings. My research interests include simulation of transportation systems, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), calibration and optimization applications. I am a member of the Hellenic Institute of Transportation Engineers (HITE).

More information:

Resume / Detailed CV


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